Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas gifts bags....

I have been neglecting this blog a bit too much and so I shall try and make up. This past semester took up a lot of my time and for this reason I didn't get to work on this blog very much. I have, however, been very busy with crochet patterns. Much more so than knitting. Which is a bit strange but they make for faster project results. The reason for the influx of crocheting is due to me being so broke this year and not being able to buy any gifts. I decided I would make all the gifts since I knew how. 

I made these three bags with matching animal ear hats for my three cousins, Gena, Caspian, and Scarllette.  I guess they are kind of like stocking stuffers since I stuffed them with some M&Ms, Wallie toys, stickers, hotwheels, and Littlest Pet Shop toys. Here they are...and, oh yeah, Happy Holidays!

Acorn bag for Caspian (4). It big enough for me to put  alot of things inside of it. 


Pink Draw String Bag for Scarllette (2). I figured a buttonless bag would be best for a 2 year old. It was also the smallest of the bags so I thought she could carry it. 

Strawberry bag for Gena (6). I'm pretty sure the bag is too big for her but I think she'll grow into it soon enough. I'm thinking of putting more seeds on it since to me it doesn't seem to have enough. This bag is actually a varient of the  acron bag listed above just with a flap cover instead of the cap.

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Gloria said...

I love the strawberry bag it is adorable. You do such a nice job.