Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have you seen this man New York...?

While searching for photos of crocheting men I fell upon this and I just had to post it. It's just too good..


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crocheted Choker and matching Earrings...

Okay, so...I've finally designed my own pattern. Took me long enough. It started out with just the drop style earrings and kind of morphed into a choker and earring jewelry set. I also made a variant of the earrings as well, changing them drop drop style to loops. I plan on making a
 variant the original choker design as well. I've got an idea in mind just have to try it out. Let me know what you think! 

Monday, January 5, 2009

Crocheted Leaf Mask (pattern included)

I flipped out when I saw these on the Lion Brand website. These are most definitely going to be my next two projects. I'd like to design a Halloween costume from these patterns. Here you go. Enjoy...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Crocheting pattern abbrevation(s) list...

Abbreviation/Symbol             Meaning/Definition

        [ ]     work given instructions within brackets as many times as directed

        ( )     work given instructions within parentheses in place directed

       * *     repeat given instructions after the asterisks as directed

        *       repeat given instructions after the one asterisk as directed

        "       inch(es)

       alt     alternate

  approx    approximately

      beg     beginning

       bet     between

        BL    back loop(s)

        bo     bobble

        BP    back post

      BPdc back post double crochet   

      BPsc    back post single crochet

      BPtr    back post treble             

       CA      color A ( primary color)

       CB      color B ( secondary color)

       CC     contrasting color

       ch     chain stitch

       ch-     refers to the previous made chain (or space): e.i., ch-1 space

 ch-sp       chain space

     CL       cluster

     cm      centimeter(s)

    cont   continue 

      dc     double crochet

  dc2tog  double crochet 2 together

     dec     decrease/decreases/decreasing

     dtr       double treble

     FL       front loop(s)

     foll      follow/follows/following

      FP       front post

    FPdc    front post double crochet

    FPsc     front post single crochet

    FPtr      front post treble

       g         gram

    hdc       half double crochet

     inc       increase/increases/increasing

    lp(s)     loop(s)

     m   meter(s)

    MC     main color

   mm      millimeters

    oz       once(s)

     p        picot

pat(s) or patt      patterns(s)

    pc      popcorn

   pm      place marker

   prev   previous

   rem   remain/remaining

   rep    repeat(s)

  rnd(s)  round(s)

    RS     right side

    sc      single crochet  

 sc2tog   single crochet 2 stitches together

     sk    skip

   Sl st  slip stitch

   sp(s)   space(s)

   st(s)    stich(es)

  tch or t-ch  turning chain

   tbl     through back loop

   tog    together

    tr      treble crochet

  trtr     triple treble

  WS     wrong side

  yd(s)  yard(s)

   yo     yarn over

   yoh     yarn over hook