Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boot Leg Bag...

While scrolling down the Esty website alchemy listings, I came across someone asking for the making of a crochet"Bootleg Chanel Bag" she found on the Internet. Interestingly enough, I had stumbled upon the very same web page holding the very same pattern. The whole point to the bags development is to debase designer bags through "mimicking". Something I found rather humorous. Ergo, I made no hesitation to bid, which I won. I must mention it was the very first bid I won on the Alchemy section. The woman, or young lady who requested the bag, is such a great sport and I can't wait to send her the finished item.

One question I do have is that although the website seems very legit ( a .org instead of a .com) is the logo not copy righted? I didn't think much of it until I started making the logo. Now I'm not so sure...Still she paid me over Etsy and so I feel obligated to finish it and send it to her. All of which I will. 

Any insight(s)??
Here's what the bag looks like. The instructions are on the Counterfeit Crochet Project web pageHow to Make a Bootleg Chanel Bag 

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I love it! I wouldn't worry...there are bootlegs all around. But...wouldn't it be something if Channel asked you to make the bags for them!