Friday, October 24, 2008

The Origin(s) and History of Crocheting...

The art of crocheting is said to have originated in Arabia, South America or China, however, there is little solid evidence of its practice prior to 17th century Europe. In 1812 a book entitled The Memoirs of a Highland Lady, by Elizabeth Grant, made mention of the Shepherd's Knitting, a document considered the earliest written reference to crochet. In 1824, a Dutch magazine known as Penelope published the very first crochet patterns.  The 1847 publication of A Winter's Giftgave further indication  of the fact that the craft was still relatively new. 

It is thought that early cultures used bent forefinger before the actual hook was invented and as a result no artifacts were left for proof. Unlike weaving, knitting, and knotted textiles, no ethnological or archeoligical evidence prior to the 1800 has survived. Writers point to the tambour hooks which were used in French tamourembroidery during the 17th century, however most of the samples are actually nalebinding (nalebinding piece).

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